Snares down the barrel

Getting in touch with our food is often A DILEMMA

I could not kill a chicken
With feathers, blood and stuff,
‘Cause I would just remember,
Those balls of yellow fluff.

I could not kill a rabbit,
I know they are a pest,
We had a white one and a grey one.
I loved the grey one best.

I simply could not kill a pig
And listen to it wail,
It used to be so soft and pink
With tiny curly tail.

I’d never ever kill a sheep;
I once knew one called Jock;
He was so small and sickly,
He never joined the flock.

Well, I could never kill a calf,
Those eyes and velvet nose.
It surely takes a monster
To murder one of those.

Don’t think it’s right to kill a deer.
So beautiful and strong.
They should be left to run the hills
And glens where they belong.

But now I’ve got a problem,
I don’t know what to do.
I love my steak and onions
And crave a good lamb stew.

Roast chicken is delicious
Roast pork is my desire.
So there is nothing for it
But to shut my eyes and FIRE!!!!!!