Sloppy Targeting

We could fund a charity hospital in every city if Congress would follow through after discovering a $3 Billion jet or a $300 bolt, oh how long we wait. I’m often curious about little public attention paid to the military. Of course nothing should interfere with tactics nor with time tables or supply, and strategy belongs to rank not commentary. Policy, though, is ours. But for every death, there’s so little attention. A better world would reverse that.

Susanne Koelbl at Germany’s Spiegel summarizes Marc Garlasco who has said, “Each individual contributes something, and that’s what is executed in the end.”

Well, bitching and bellyaching is a contribution too. He studies victims and he’s not happy.

As chief of high-value targeting at the Pentagon, Marc Garlasco was in charge of the hunt for former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Now, in his position as a weapons expert at Human Rights Watch, he has become a critic of the military.

Marc says weapons are loosely used, by the US and others. Battle is unnecessarily sloppy. He’s angry about the unnecessary dead.