how they slice bananas

LA Times finally lifts a thin cover to dig up the shallow advertising muscle behind the tea party insurgency. You can bet this paper is much polite. And this investigation much too light:

Sal Russo began in 1969 with Ronald Reagan.
Key promoter in conservative political circles.
Pivotal player in wingnut rising.
Started the Tea Party Express.
Large database mining.
Millions of dollars crafting caustic ads.
“He’s a talented political operative who has been doing this a long time.”
Cheap commercials at about $3,000 not $30,000.
The Alaska boost of Joe Miller. The Nevada boost of Sharon Angle.
Delaware backer. Long list of wacky candidate clients.
A bus with six or eight people and Sarah Palin, a fundraising machine.
Always raising money to run more ads.

Here’s another look at self enrichment to snooker honest, unsuspecting, passionate Americans.