Sickening Graft

America Supports You fraudThe chief of the Armed Forces Information Service, Alison Barber, steered millions in public funds.

The Inspector General says she’s laundered millions of dollars to personal friends.

Donald Rumsfeld set up America Supports You in 2004 as a six-month effort to showcase public support for the troops and their families. “If you’re serving overseas, and you watch the mainstream media coverage, sometimes you can’t tell if America knows you’re there.”

In time, however, the program grew.

  1. pro-troop rallies were organized.
  2. wristbands and dog tags were made.
  3. special comic books were printed up.
  4. processions at the National Mall.
  5. Sesame Street DVDs encouraging children.
  6. a concert in Manhattan.
  7. paying execs up to $662,691 per year.
  8. a $500,000 website.
  9. hiring Gary Sinise’s band.

America Supports You seemed like an umbrella group for all sorts of charity-related work for service members and military families, but instead was a money-laundering operation, spending millions but not to help the troops!