sick industry

And there’s the rub, put into a practical series, for our own good.

If we’re going to spend way more than any other country on health care, then we should absolutely, positively have the best health care system in the world.  We don’t.

  1. Introduction –I can’t blame you.
  2. Population Statistics –This may seem like a small thing, but.
  3. Available Technology –Well, we’re not the worst.
  4. Disease Care –Here’s where we shine. Not.
  5. Infrastructure –I won’t lie to you.
  6. Health Care Utilization –Nowhere near the top.
  7. Physician and Practice –They are, after all, essential.
  8. Patients –They should have some say.
  9. Executives –Let’s move on to something new.
  10. Conclusion –I expected more arguments.