Seize the Time

The Six Original “The life and existence of the Black Panther Party, the ideology of the Party in motion, is a biography of oppressed America, black and white, that no news report, TV documentary, book, or magazine has yet expressed.

“To do so, the media would let the people know what’s really going on, how things have happened, and how we’re struggling for our freedom.

“So before the power structure, through its pigs, attempts to murder any more of us, or take more political prisoners in its age-old attempt to keep us “niggers,” as they like to say, “in our place,” I have put together the true story of the Black Panther Party. – Bobby Seale

Written by the 1970s activist, and co-founder of the Black Panthers militant group, “Seize the Time” is part manifesto, part auto-biography. Released into the public domain by its author with the words “Fuck copyright”.

These guys took so much heat.