Second Presidential Debate Fails

McCodgerheimer’s Messy Goals, typed while viewing the second presidential debate.

McCain, debateMcCain: I think the deregulation was probably helpful to the growth of our economy, so I’ll freeze all spending, lower social benefits, build nuclear plants to make jobs and store radioactive waste using the French and Japanese method, invent clean coal and a pipeline array, stop the bailout from going to terrorists, borrow five grand of your taxes for door to door health insurance sales if you post your records on the Internet, keep a trillion for the military in all four corners to secure the world’s normal lives and shopping in tiny democracies, eliminate that fancy tanker or that other waste I voted against, talk with you first, my friends, but not before invasions or when I’m standing outside bin Laden’s cave, stop leaky earmarks into local projects but keep eminent domain for casino hotels and private water and surveillance and jails, buy back your pre-crash appraised equity to help Wall Street sell new credit wrap loans, set up a commission to talk about your retirement and education losses, and consult with you people the way Ronald Reagan made those good deals with Tip O’Neil.

Oh shit America!
No nation is based on this style of junk and none go forward in this cranky swamp.

At the end of the day, my friends, second holocaust or never, McCain knows dark times and he’s running for president.

The Choice?

Be cold. The financial crisis and the trembling United States economy have dealt a hard blow to conservative economic ideology.

Be warmed. Others have written good and grand and great things about Barack Obama.