Searching for a President

We don’t have an electoral system to find a gem in the gravel. Candidates for office are polished. But there are outsiders that have qualified to run for President.

Cort, a psychiatrist, wants 100,000 more troops to destroy the 10,000 ammo dumps Saddam set up.

Gene is a Non-Communist Third Party Slave Freedom Alliance candidate.

Cap Fendig will represent the ‘little guy’ of America.

As President, Daniel will encourage all conservatives to run for office.

Bob says we should not be stifled due to disagreement.

Dr. Mark, another psychiatrist, wants affordability for the middle class.

Dave and Ken are running as a team, but Ken is “far more liberal”.

Still selling top ranked tweezers, Dal believes a new paradigm will restore America.

Frank wants to restore America too.

Robert just wants course correction for America.

Arthur says returning to the Founding Fathers will restore America.

Average Joe seeks to heal everyone in America.

Richard will negate special interest groups for the privileged.

Lanakila seeks a bloodless humanistic development of the spirit and of the soul.

John is white and has a heavy compassion for his own Race.

An updated listing of “the other candidates” is here.