Scrub the floors at Guantánamo

“Freedom dies of too many lies.”

Bill Moyers composes a rhythm in his rant:

Many young reporters thought it inconceivable that a government would lie or manipulate intelligence to go to war.

Why is America forsaking its own revolution?

…we have seen the rise of an ideological partisan press that is contemptuous of reality, serves up right-wing propaganda as fact, and attempts to demonize anyone who
says otherwise.

We are desperate today for cool thinking and clear analysis. What kind of country is it that wants its politicians to play tricks with faith?

What would I say now? Fire the ideologues and assign them to scrub the floors at Guantánamo for penitence. Stop confusing neocon pundits with Old Testament prophets. Read the Bible for humility’s sake, but for policy’s sake commit to memory the report of the Iraq Study Group. Don’t sacrifice any more soldiers to prove you’re in charge; get the soldiers out of the line of fire between Sunnis and Shi’ites. And remind your hirelings of Winston Churchill’s definition of democracy as the occasional necessity of deferring to the opinions of other people.

National humility
If our nation’s commitment to human rights at home and abroad is to be reinvigorated after the dark era we are now living through, it will have to be, as it has been in the past, by Americans acting in cooperation with one another, and with the rest of humanity.