Screw 08

Damn these silly days.

Maybe presidents follow the plow and politicians the horse’s gas, because what frontier has been made in Washington and when did we think so?

Of course this is rhetorical. But no, it’s not a dumb question.

Weak solutions offered in this election say a great deal. I wonder if any people in history have argued so much about so little? None of us could screw together a package to please a nation, none should try perhaps, but if my house was burning, I wonder if I’d fight my way into the kitchen to douse a match?

We’re distracted each four years. If a campaign lasts two years, then we’re moving ahead only half the time. Our fathers and mothers walked in localities and regions and made a world here and there with friends and so and so until we gathered up this thing America. Imagine if we first cranked a phone to see what Washington thinks!

Because our politics are so poor, I’m terrifically hopeful. Our nation has done better when we tire of noise and build America hand in hand. Our progress is each other and what we do, not mere representatives of what we’ve done.

Did I miss something?

Somewhere not long ago we forgot what government is. And in so doing we neglected to march ahead without it.

Politicians are never better than where we take them.