Scratch My Back McRich

The non-partisan group Campaign Money Watch has come up with another startling figure for those who follow the presidential money chase.

According to an analysis performed by the group, McCain’s top fundraisers and aides have collected nearly $1 billion in fees from U.S. companies in the past decade — specifically, $930,949,819.

“The McCain campaign relies on big money lobbyists, and they’ll rely on him.”

John McCain once said “too often the special interest lobbyists with the fattest wallets and best access carry the day when issues of public policy are being decided.”

McCain is 'McRich' with lobyist croniesComments:
“The problem arises when companies pay operatives to pressure politicians to act in a way contrary to their commitment to their constituents. What eventually happens is influence on politicians becomes a commodity to be bartered and sold to the highest bidder.”

“Because they buy political influence generally at the expense of the electorate.”

“Because in a democracy, policy should be decided by the public good, not by the interests of the tiny majority that can write the biggest checks. (And which then gets even richer on public money, and therefore can write even bigger checks, and so on.)”

“John knows Washington is broken. He broke it.”