schoolyard nonsense

We need to learn a few things first.

1. Produce your birth certificate.
2. Produce your school papers from Indonesia
3. Produce your passport for your world tour in the 1980s.
4. Produce your Selective Service registration.
5. Produce you college scholarship documents.

From the comments section:

It’s unfortunate, you know… my philosophy and perspective is FAR closer to the republican side than it is to the democrat side – but I reject the republican party because they really come across like a bunch of idiots.

Prominent republican leaders and their supporters alike seem to have a total inability to argue things in a straightforward and/or rational way. Instead they simply pick up some insane, impotent point or another and repeat it endlessly.

They also appear to hold beliefs and attitudes that most of the civilized world finds disgusting, including myself. Undercurrents of racism, blind hatred and fear of muslims, blatant homophobia, threats of violence, intense christian fundamentalism, constant invocations of the boogeyman (commies, terrorists, whatever)… it’s all so… gross.

What I would give to see the republican party truly stand up for the respectable conservative ideals… fiscal responsibility and individual freedom. Instead we see them talk loudly about these things, all the while spending amazing amounts of money killing people in the middle east, prosecuting Americans for victimless crimes like prostitution and pot-smoking, pushing to reverse the separation of church and state, denying marriage rights to gays, and backing fools like Palin and Bush who display no intelligence, no tact, and zero curiosity about foreign policy.

I really don’t know what that party is doing.

You can either get serious and have a real debate with people you don’t agree with… or you can try to claim that BO is Hitler because he pushed for health care reform. One is politics, and the other is schoolyard nonsense.

Reminds me of the endless bellyaching about BO’s farking birth certificate. Republicans’ time/effort would be better spent coming up with convincing, sensible arguments about public policy. I’d be listening for sure.