Sarah Palin, Voodoo VP

I’m so not stunned.

Sarh Palin linked electoral success to prayer of Witch Hunter.

The pastor Sarah Palin says helped her to become Governor of Alaska founded his ministry with a witchhunt against a woman he accused of causing car accidents through demonic spells.

Before running for governor, Mrs Palin described how Muthee ‘laid his hands’ on her at one of at least 10 visits to Sarah’s Wasilla Assembly of God church.

In footage of her speech, she is seen saying: “As I was mayor and Pastor Muthee was here and he was praying over me, and you know how he speaks and he’s so bold. And he was praying “Lord make a way, Lord make a way.”

tip to j-walk

The Christian Science Monitor reports Muthee launched six months of fervent prayer to identify the “source of the witchcraft”, a local woman called Mama Jane who ran the Emmanuel Clinic.

Her alleged involvement in fortune-telling and the fact that she lived near the site of a number of fatal car accidents led Pastor Muthee to publicly declare her a witch responsible for the town’s ills.

Given the financial crisis, Taliban Palin puts an entirely new spin on Voodoonomics. The witch hunter who “prayed over” Sarah to help her become governor is invited back to Wasilla too.

Look, any winged readers, spiritual longing is part of humanity, but our garden is rot if folks hear inner thunders and torch other folks out of town.

Our government is rot if it’s a church, for then we have no civil ground. Learn your lessons. Sarah Palin’s beliefs are legitimate because we are free, but illegitimate if near the command of America.

My gosh, people, a Vice President of the United States of America is carrying ‘the briefcase’. How much Armageddon are you praying for?