Sarah Palin, not the ‘American Story’

Oh, go read the entire post.

She is only on the ticket as a result of the scheming ideas of rich old white men, being no more worthy to them than the cocktail waitress who just brought over the latest round of drinks. She’s a political pet to men and nature, unconsciously spitting out her lines about being a proud American and how evil her opponent is because that’s what she’s to do. When you see her speak you realize she could do no other.

The author studies George W. Bush. His thesis as a PhD student at the University of Canberra was “based around attempting to understand how he envisaged the idea of freedom a word you find in just about every speech he’s given as president since 9/11”.

He continues:

Bush always represented to me a uniquely American Story. A puzzle to try and figure out. A tragic tale unfolding before our eyes. Palin’s story is simple farce. Hers is not an American Story. America’s real story is one of self-creation. Of making and remaking onself, that is why the opportunity, freedom, and independence matter. Because they allow for people to make and remake something of themselves in spite the circumstances. Bush did, Palin never has and probably never will. Hers is not an American story.