Salute to Journalism

It’s good to be good, important to separate right from wrong and if the world makes it so, kick ass. It’s better to bring love to the mundane, break its reluctance with all your effort.

I caught a comment sent to Bill Moyers you’ll enjoy too, because it says,

Dear friend,
I feel we’ve grown old together so forgive me if I use the familiar form of communication. Your programs have always been a blithe light in the otherwise drear gloom of broadcast TV. I’ve experienced so many emotions while watching and listening. I’ve often been angry, frustrated and disappointed with my government, myself and my fellow Americans. But, never have I been indifferent. Tonight, as I listened to Melody Petersen I found an inconsolable sense of sadness sweep over me. What has become of the land of my forebears that we have allowed ourselves to devolve to such a state? I do not enjoy the emotions you have caused me to experience over the years but I thank you from the depth of my being for each and every one of them.

Good night and be well, my friend.

To join our splendid mystery…