sailing the seas high

Reid Stowe:

As I take a deep breath in, I visualize the seven colors of the rainbow spectrum, one color in each chakra, red at the bottom to violet at the top. I am sitting in my bed leaning against the wall with my legs locked in the lotus posture like a pretzel. I start the Om deeply and slowly. I visualize myself sitting on top of the motor and as I begin the Om, first I visualize all the rainbow colors flashing up my spinal cord in a DNA helix pattern and with my inner voice I say thank you. Then I see the red in its corresponding chakra and I say thank you. I visualize each color as strongly as I can and say thank you to each one. After I reach violet I swing the colors clockwise through the battery banks on each side of the motor and say thank you. The electricity and the colors go into the motor and the motor starts with a roar and I say thank you with meaning and grateful that it is running. The electricity with my attention rises up to the electric winch above my head and the winch spins and I say thank you. Then my attention goes over to the satellite tracking unit and I go with its signal up to its satellite in space and bounce back down and say thank you.