Rush Limbo

I laughed when I believed future history will call us Limbos in the same way history called them Luddite.

Hate Radio is as real and will be forever noticed.

To make easy victory the angry fool yells ‘Kill Him’ near our Secret Service, while our wealth is slipping away and while the world scorns us not for our dead but its dead.

We compete in falsity to only win pride. Does fear do this? No. Only lies make fools. Is superstition against reason? No. Our thinking is losing to simple dominance.

What horrid shame is poor freedom?
Reporters Without Borders, burdened with a checkered pedigree, tells us that our nation ranks only 46 of 169 for a free press. See Reporters sans fronti̬res РAnnual Worldwide Press Freedom Index.

In good Virginia, are they waking?
The Newport News Daily Press headline says, October 21, 2008, “Government Lies Are The New Normal”.

Fear, which had cut through us like a hot poker, became instead a low- grade fever, ambient noise, wallpaper, something you feel without feeling, hear without hearing, see without seeing.

Then you look up one day and realize how profoundly that fear has changed your world.

Is losing normal?
A good American replies,

“I would rather be killed by a terrorist than oppressed by my own government.”

Other good American friends also say:

  1. I only fear that we will wait too long and sacrifice too much of our freedom and self respect as a people before standing up to the deceit, tyranny, and oppression that is becoming so commonplace.
  2. I don’t know what people are talking about. The war on terror has not affected me one iota. However, it sure has made life miserable for terrorists! Which is great! I don’t care if the ragheads have to suffer. They started it and by God, we’ll finish it.
  3. For all the reasons we initially broke away from England can now be leveled our own “elected” Government. The Red and the Blue have been screwing you, and its been going on for 50 years. Think about it, All of the major issues that face this country back then are the same things the politcians run on today. Nothing has really changed except that now more wealth is concentrated to 1% of the Population.

“So what is a Limbo”, a future student asks?

A good person trapped in anger, failed by style, poor often, saying nothing.