Rugby. The next global game?

NZ All Blacks Rugby TeamBet on this:
The back half of this man offers as much charisma as his rugged good looks, yet both sexes will tell you that what’s enjoyable about Rugby is fast action, willfulness and strength.

Rugby leagues around the world are banking on increasing popularity.

New Zealand is fighting a 20 year battle for the Rugby World Cup, counting toward their victory by the hour on their team site All Blacks. But New Zealand is also fighting $1 million, $10 million and $50 million salaries offered by French and English teams to lure talent from its national clubs.

Pumping revenue across Europe and the Pacific, rugby appears to be the next great spectator sport.

Today’s meticulously groomed star rugby player is haunted by a dozen journalists, agents from Nike and Adidas, and a bevy of consultants to improve management and performance. Physiologist Alain Berthoz teaches players how their brain functions during a game, how it quickly estimates trajectory of the ball and how to improve its visual responsiveness.

While some New Zealand players are enthralled before a game in an aboriginal Maori dance, the spiritual side of rugby may not be the ingredient that’s attracting enthusiastic crowds around the world. Rugby may be a barbarian game played by gentlemen but its also a modern game increasingly enjoyed by all.