roots of our new confederacy

While commenting on Romney’s 47percent beliefs, Rhet said: 

Americans generally believe that anyone who doesn’t “make it” in America is either just not trying or is a born loser.
But somehow when a person fails in Africa, or Guatemala, or Mexico or anywhere else they are totally worthy of sympathy.
This is the nature of our fake meritocracy here in the USA. If you fail you deserve it, if you win you deserve it.
Meanwhile when people like Romney cheat like hell to “win” nobody notices how he and his ilk rig the game against the majority, ensuring they will lose.

Ayn Marx 666 said: 

This is because America is God’s Special Country, and the religion born of Calvin and Rand (or Spencer) identifies the Elect with the winners, and the losers with the Damned—and sympathy is wasted on the damned, they deserve all they get.