Rescuing Da Vinci

Rescuing Da Vinci is the first comprehensive photographic telling of the amazing and largely “untold” story of Hitler and the Nazi theft of Europe’s greatest art and America and her Allies’ recovery of it.

The book is 320 pages in length and contains more than 460 photographs including 60 in color. It is the first time this group of photographs has been assembled in a single book. These photographs, rarely published and with clarity not seen before, illustrate masterpieces being handled in unimaginable ways.

While enjoying dinner in Mill Valley prepared by a fine chef only recently from Israel, Joe Klass, the grandfather of the famous Klass Foundation, who spent more time as a WWII POW than any American, said to me, “We will see pieces melt from the bottom of glaciers. Soldiers were ordered to throw everything.”

There’s an update to this post at “Hitler’s mountain treasures

And another update:
Joe Klass thinks three strikes laws are mis-used. His 12-year-old granddaughter Polly was kidnapped and murdered by a repeat offender. The case provided much of the impetus for the three-strikes law Klass initially supported. But he takes issue with the provision that counts non-violent crimes as third strikes.