Recent user stats

VP of engineering for Google in Europe:

What we see happening in the world:

  • 250+ million broadband users worldwide; wireless

  • “We manage to put twice as much info in the same digital space every 13 months — in 2020 a device the size of the iPod will hold all the knowledge ever created.”
  • currently daily about 60 billion e-mails, 33 billion IM.
  • 250 million actively using a social network, 3 teenagers out of 4.
  • 3.7 million pictures a day uploaded to Flickr every day.

Phillipe Stark said,

“We need to do an exercise every morning as mutants. If you walk like a robot, but look at your feet, you stumble. If you look a bit ahead, you don’t trip, it just works for itself. If you look ahead then can work can speak can exchange can interact. But now your duty is to raise your angle of view so that you see farther than the horizon. You are in the territory of intelligence, the range of humanity. It’s about the angle of view.”