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Steve Ludlum’s Economic Undertow:

The economists’ assumptions limit the idea of ‘markets’ to America and Canada and a few of those ‘Frenchy’ Euro-countries w/ their own (limited) imagination, demands and aspirations.

Believe it or not, we needed six or eight or fifteen extra Saudi Arabias ten years ago. We need twenty-five or so now. It’s not enough to supply ‘we’ the wonderful, special, gifted creative us, the end of evolution us. NO!, its for the starving and car-less masses in Peru, Haiti, Belize, Guinea- Bissau, Cote- d’ Ivoire, Yemen, etc. They deserve as many tract houses, TV’s, fridges and A/C’s as we do and if you don’t believe me, there are plenty of Kalashnikovs and RPG’s that say otherwise.

Nature has never cooperated and the hubristic idiots who call themselves economists. And policy makers have made webs of lies and deceits that have calcified over the decades into a belief system that is more Orwellian than either Orwell or Kafka could have possibly imagined.