Ranking Rules

Rules of thumb.org
Rules of Thumb intends to collect every rule of thumb on earth.

The website offers social voting to discard junk and promote tips and wisdom. Methinks it will be awhile before pearls float to the top. The new database is small. If you have a few sayings, truisms, shortcuts, tenets of ancient wisdom, stop by to populate the archive. In time, perhaps humanity can benefit from a library of distilled wisdom.

Current samples

You can think ahead half your age.
To get the most out of your car, treat it like a pet.
When the bird and the bird book disagree, believe the bird.
If your feet are cold, put on your hat.
If you’re thirsty, you’ve waited too long.
If an ad is well designed, it will look just as good upside down.
The moon rises 50 minutes later than it did the day before.
Never see a doctor whose office isn’t large enough to swing a cat.