quantum intimacy

Nick Herbert on enhancing empathy between two people by quantum-entangling their minds!

Does mystical union ensue when two or more people look through tubes at the same star?

Visible stars possess a “radius of coherence” of several feet or larger so that when you and your partner look up at a star (and are close together) you are standing inside that star’s coherence radius.

Nick Herbert's Stellerator, a Quantum Intimacy MachineThe Stellerator is merely a hollow tube which allows you and your partner’s retinas to be excited by light from the same star. It was first tested by a gang of happy amateurs immersed in an Esalen hot tub on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific under the starlit sky.

No huge increase was observed in our already high level of conviviality.

As with any new science, it is well to be aware of possible dangers of the Quantum Intimacy Machine so as not to be caught by surprise.