put us on the agenda

Dave Johnson:

So what can we do to change the system itself?

How do we restructure the model – the economic paradigm – in ways that let We, The People enjoy and share the benefits of our economy?

Aren’t We, The People supposed to be making the decisions here?

  1. Corporations have amassed immense power and that power is used to control the country’s decision-making processes, always to the benefit of the wealthy few.

    Getting a grip on this problem requires us to regain understanding of why we have corporations in the first place.

  2. Why do we allow companies to externalize their costs while internalizing the profits?

    In other words, companies are allowed to push costs onto the rest of us, but are not asked to share the resulting profits with the rest of us.

    We even let them treat us as ‘costs’ – a layoff pushes the worker onto the community while the company keeps the wages they were paid.

  3. We need to understand that making things is what drives an economy.

    America became an economic powerhouse because we made things here. China is an economic powerhouse because they make things there.

I dunno. What say you?