Pure cathartic rant, with toilet

We all rant. It’s popular.
Professional pundits and columnists can make a fine living bitching. Listening in on banter in any coffee shop, acrid comments are tipped with the acrid coffee. And blogs have released a 10 to 1 ratio of caustic opinion over tolerant observation.

It’s not good to be continually sour and cynical.
We’re just humans spinning on a rock. Not one of us is truly certain that we clearly see the motive or purpose in all things.

But a good rant that sums all the poison brimming into our world can’t be left without a good ramp of links. Frank Paynter found this acerbic piece. It’s pure catharsis.


Copyright 1996, 1997 John Trubee

such grotesqueries as chocolatey and lemony
infect the lexicon
bespeaking the ubiquitous oral preeminence
of the New American Infant.

Once proud cowboy
now fat-assed cretin.
Once curious scientist
now mall drone gangbanger.
Once ballsy westward-forger
now jacuzzi-lounging sleazeball.
Once prolific inventor
now drunken celebrity wastrel.
Once hardy pioneer prairie mama
now scaggy teenage crack whore.

O America
You blew it.

You became too soft for your own damn good.

Your nuclear submarines beneath the Indian Ocean
protect the trust funds of golfing adulterers in Indian Wells
–from what?

Thomas Jefferson’s vision
somehow hideously devolved
into the embarrassingly trivial tripe
of the Jerry Springer Show.

O America
founded by geniuses with utmost esteem for the mind
you’ve become a gaudy playground
for capricious brats,
imbecilic sociopaths,
emotional snivelers,
and feel-good movie patrons weeping upon their fake popcorn
who constantly kill mind
in mindless reflex.

Petty orally-fixated ninnies
bullying for money,
lying, cheating, stealing,
insider trading,
filing spurious lawsuits for dubious gain,
and squandering job slavedom’s bucks
upon chimerical lottery ticket delusions,
you trashed your vaunted work ethic
in the mad mob dash for sticky candy.

(At what point does optimism become stupidity?)

(How many stomped hopes at last inform the deluded mind?)

You murdered your freedom with cretinous irresponsibility,
you placed social approval above the expressions of the mind,
you slobbered over money as the supreme value,

and now you wonder why you are drowning in shit.

O America
neon playground for vicious money whores
and candyass upwardly mobile dipshits:
who’ll incinerate these vermin?

The New American Infant soils his diapers
and whimpers.

It's all going to the toilet - via rjisaac[at]graffiti.net