Punks of Pulpit Politics

Here are the Religious Wrong, the ego of America’s Taliban, the pathology of aggrandizement that elevate ignorance while we cower under superstition and anarchy.

  1. Pat Robertson – $246,986,289
    Christian Broadcasting Network
  2. Southern Baptist Convention – $205,716,834
  3. James Dobson – $156,972,266
    Focus on the Family
  4. Jay Sekulow, Pat Robertson – $42,658,159
    American Center for Law and Justice
  5. Alan Sears – $31,674,124
    Alliance Defense Fund
  6. Donald Wildmon – $22,547,087
    American Family Association
  7. Tony Perkins – $11,783,971
    Family Research Council
  8. Tim & Beverly LaHaye – $10,640,810
    Concerned Women for America
  9. Jerry Falwell Ministries – $4,208,989
  10. Steve Baldwin – $1,680,914
    Council for National Policy

Top Ten Power Brokers of the Religious Right
compiled by Rob Boston at Church & State magazine. [tip to j-walk]

What will these pulpits be arranging to exploit the media popularity of Sarah Palin?

One thing was clear: Many in the Christian Right now view electing Palin as a task ordained by God.

The unanswered question for the rest of us is: How does Palin see herself? Is she someone who merely asks God for guidance — a fairly common practice for religious people in public office? Or does she see herself as carrying out God’s will on the political stage?

The latter would suggest a theocratic worldview that runs counter to the separation of church and state. But because she has so far declined most interviews, we’re left to sift through Palin’s political and religious history for clues.