Protecting Flag Vessels

Maersk Captain Richard Phillips at Senate Foreign Relations CommitteeMaersk Captain Richard Phillips testifying to Congress:

… the four most senior officers should be armed, or,

… military detachments should be aboard U.S. vessels, or,

… the U.S. Navy must escort U.S. merchant vessels.

“First, I believe it is the responsibility of our government to protect the United States, including U.S.-flag vessels that are by definition an extension of the United States, their U.S. citizen crews, and our nation’s worldwide commercial assets.

“So, it follows then that the most desirable and appropriate solution to piracy is for the United States government to provide protection, through military escorts and/or military detachments aboard U.S. vessels. That said, I am well aware that some will argue that there is a limit to any government’s resources – even America’s.”