propelling our world

America going broke?

It’s not merely that we’re exploited like a feedlot of demographic cattle, but also our inability to demand much from each other, not unlike fat Britain during the edge of its Empire, where our habits are congratulatory and self-preserving rather than challenging and insistent.

I trust America’s great longing to offer important works. I look for grand change coming through today’s bewilderment and noise. Our new day is not yet. I can barely tolerate the whining or the bravado or how the wicked shift blame and shinny up to whatever is winning at the moment. We might oscillate like crazy for awhile.

For me, change will show itself when, just one example, a firm such as GE is trumpeting truly exciting and life-enhancing and prosperous engineering rather than saving itself by green-toggling our stimulus funds.

Lobbyists are employees, not the leaders that hired them, and we haven’t yet taken these guys to the woodshed for making some of the biggest blunders of all time.