Profit in the sewer

NMB bioreactorImagine a technology that can cheaply make sewage and waste water clean enough to drink, as well as efficiently produce the next generation of super-bug busting antibiotics and food for aquaculture farms all at the same time.

Imagine a local sewage plant transformed from costing $5 million a year run, to making $40 million profit.

Now that’s tax reform!

This invention is called a nano-particulate membrane bioreactor (NMB) which is ideal and cost effective for recycling sewage and grey (washing machine) water.

In most current systems cells are grown in liquid, which means oxygen levels are low and aeration is expensive.

This is a simple cheap porous membrane.

The system is so versatile it can be built in a variety of sizes for use in individual houses, housing complexes or municipal sewage treatment plants. via Goodwood