predator charity

Haiti Rewired points to a necessary slant on the dark motives and easy habits among Haiti’s institutionalized oppression, poverty and misery:

Haiti is called the ‘Republic of NGOs’ with over 10,000 operating for its nine million people, the highest per capita presence worldwide in all sectors of activity and society, many with sizable budgets.

Yet their numbers beg the question. With that abundant firepower, why is Haiti the poorest country in the hemisphere, one of the poorest in the world, and one of the most oppressed? Why were so many Haitians starving pre-quake? Why now are conditions catastrophic and worsening?

…fraud, greed, corruption, apathy, and political agendas:

At the level of individuals and NGOS, the lack of fiscal accountability is manifest in the enrichment of the custodians of the money – pastors and directors of NGOs, schools and orphanages – and the redirection of charity toward middle and upper class Haitians, the very ones who don’t need it.

At governmental levels, ‘Charity is manipulated to serve political ends.’

Without accountability, corruption gets embedded, aid is distorted, and ends up doing more harm than good, precisely according to plan…

Haiti Watch, Center for Economic and Policy ResearchDisaster profiteering is kicking into full gear in Haiti. Dubious contracts will slip through the cracks.

A watchful eye will reduce abuse and fraud.