Pre-term Kangaroo

Accumulating the hoodwinking of the George W. Bush administration has tired most of us. Smaller lies capture the news. Peddled children. Golden votes. Putin’s taunting. Obama’s mask, or is he presidential? … Any of Bush’s novel theory of the law of war or penetration of privacy or stomping our rights or bringing brutal breathing shadows Britney’s pubesce billboards…

Here’s a more important link. May we fill our lungs again.

An earlier poem:

Hate me for abridging ordinary loyalty with foolish impatience.

ordinary loyalty / foolish impatience

There have been Administrations.
Equity, the distillation of conflict.
Referendum, the secession of fear.
There have been Administrations.
Treaty, the victory of the militian.
Service, the summit of the State.
There have been Administrations.
Sustenance, the face of peace.
Freedom, the finance of calm.

see history / know tomorrow