Power and Poison

TVA ash and mud floodIt’s difficult to get a sense of scale with mere numbers. TVA is surveying the damage of more than 5 million tons of burnt coal and mud spilled over 3000 acres.

Notice how near to streams and wetland these pond levee were first built. Drinking water is an immediate concern but the damage will remain for decades and spread into dozens of jurisdictions.

Notice how far the mud flood has traveled from the power plant.

Notice how deep.

These photos are part of a thorough slide show at the Knoxville News Sentinel.

An aerial video is here that will also be surprising.

[Tip to Citizen K]

If there’s a chain gang needed, we can collect the crews on Wall Street.

Authorities are taking the conventional approach. Knoxville activists were detained by the Tennessee Valley Authority police for photographing the site, although it’s said they were scuttled off private ground.

Poison is never private.