Polling May

There are not many of you.
You’re precious. Thank you.

My effort every day is to care deeply.
You might say this has been done before.
I say mankind walks.
Oh, how can I say it?
We walk because we each bring courage.
Isn’t this deep in our nation, neighborhood, and life?
Go ahead, Let yourself,
Bring yourself journey and, thud, thud, thud, simple destiny.
Our fathers felt no strength but brought today.
It’s a horrid thing when only battle these days. Loss confuses us.
But also, our nation yearns a little, hopes a bit, and truly wants.
Oh, maybe we are good hope that will replace cheap old men.
Trust yourself. Tomorrow might be what you want.
Courage changes this world, like feet step. Our journey is the world.

I’ll tire easily and be forgotten, but I want every breath written in love and freedom.