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A new regime can only arise after all current economists are dead. – Goldilocksisableachblonde

stunney said in reply to Goldilocksisableachblonde:

Yes, the best sustained period in U.S. economic history—best rates of output expansion, best real median wage growth, best employment figures, best poverty reduction rates, best expansion of higher education, best patterns of economic security, best infrastructure improvements, best progress in civil rights, most stable inflation rates, biggest reduction in national debt as a percentage of GDP etc—coincided with the least free market, least unregulated, most unionized, least floating currency exchange regime, highest tax rate period in U.S. economic history.

And to make sure America never has to endure such an affront to the genius of the most right wing conventional wisdom among economists, and to the naked avarice of the richest members of the citizenry, and to the most statesmen-like of our political scumbags, and to to the bright, shining lie that is our mainstream media, it is to be earnestly hoped that the Republicans win big in this election cycle, and begin at once to destroy this legacy, beating the crap out of the voting public in the process, so that said public will, in its rabid stupidity, blame it even on the big-eared black man in the White House.

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