plutocracy unleashed

The conservative Supreme Court cherry-picked precedents further enabling huge accumulations of wealth without any personal risk.

David Kairys at Slate:

  1. Increasing the constitutional rights of corporations beyond their business purposes is really about increasing the rights and power of corporate managers.
  2. Taken as a whole, the conservative court’s First Amendment jurisprudence has enlarged the speech rights available to wealthy people and corporations and restricted the speech rights available to people of ordinary means and to dissenters.
  3. Wealthy people and corporate managers shouldn’t dominate politics or have more and better speech rights than the rest of us.

Dana Blankenhorn analyzes:

Because right now corporations are not just men — they’re supermen. They can’t be killed, they can’t be jailed, yet they have all the rights of men, including full political rights.

Immortals, with absolute power over the rest of us, able to control society in perpetuity from behind their board room doors. America becomes a classic fascist state…