people thinking well

“Most people just dealt with dribble and the common, you know, celebrity-tabloid-type stuff that doesn’t really matter in the world.


“So I was the designer, who could kind of design anything you could conceptualize and then Steve liked to always find ways to turn it into a business.

“And he talked about the importance of having companies to make products, and that there were very few people who drove the world—and he wanted to be one of those people that was driving the world, and not just one of the millions and millions of people who kinda don’t matter.

Also Wozniak:

“I think I’d try to be more open to things like letting you have your iTunes library and easily share it with other music programs..that’s the monopoly approach. And you know, I just don’t like it.

“Some countries have this view that this new digital age world and internet should come to every citizen, but we’ll never have that in the United States. We’re just too far from it. I don’t ever expect it.”