Pennslvania Avenue Palin

Sarah Palin saying it like it is, kodiakkonfidential blogI knew yesterday that Palin’s campaign for ethics was initiated in a hurry.

Just minutes before news broadcasts of the corruption conviction of Alaska’s state representative, Palin introduced ethics reform in Alaska to help distance her administration.

I have just learned in the Kodiak Daily Mirror:

Todd Palin – oil worker, champion snowmobiler, hunter and commercial fisherman, cook, babysitter, hockey dad, abstinence educator, and special needs nurse – joined state officials on two trips with mining companies that want to dig for gold, zinc and lead in remote Alaska, as well as to extend permission to mine new deposits at existing facilities.

The First Dude’s costs were disclosed by his wife as gifts.

In other local news, Abstinence in Alaska

[Sarah] Palin’s oldest girl gets knocked up out of wedlock. It’s all over the media all week. I go to the pharmacy for some Sudafed. The entire shelf behind the pharmacist is loaded with three or four different brands of birth control pills. I said to the dude, “That’s a lot of pills.” He says, “Yeah, we’ve been filling a lot of prescriptions for them lately.”