Pawn falls

I think we can chalk this up and just let it go by:

In the beginning, he attracted competent people to his cabinet and promised to tackle longstanding problems, including the spread of madrasas, the religious schools that had become breeding grounds of Islamic extremists.

But the madrasas remained untouched, mainly because Musharraf handed the task to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, which was opposed to the plan, said Jehangir Tareen, a former minister of industries and special projects in the cabinet.

Musharraf did back some important changes in the news media and the rights of women, his supporters and critics agree. Now, dozens of private television stations exist, many of them with rambunctious political talk shows. He also moved to improve the status of women by pushing for the amendment of strict Islamic laws.

“Musharraf tried to construct a modern, enlightened state,” Tareen said. “But he proved you cannot do this on the structure of a patronage-riven and police-oriented political machine.”

Is there an ‘x’ number of idiots taking up good seats of leadership that one of these days we’ll just fix it? Rambunctious has always been one of my favorite words.