Party Takeover

Republican Party delegatesA scholar will tell you more.
Media will never notice.

Republicans can be dominated.

This is their error.

Not what Thomas Jefferson intended.

Whether 19th, 20th Century or today, the Republican Party has often been the target of takeover.

Industrial oligarchs, ‘roving’ sociopaths or, as now, paranoid Pentecostals, the ‘Resolute Desk’ of the Republican Party is vulnerable, has hurt us time and time again.

The Democratic Party has failed. Yes, ordinary personal ambition or simple cowardice and weak knees prevent us from thwarting Republican weakness, and we must ask more of our people until lies quit and honor returns.

The 2008 election reveals a vulnerable Republican Party as all before, as a tiny and angry gang shapes the platform and pirates the plank.

This Party has a small organization, easy, central, and too foolish; easy to manage and control.

WTF stampandshout.comRepublicans have about half as many delegates, the obvious target for influence peddlers. Delegates are elected. They represent their states and territories. They play a critical role in our nation. They make political history. – RNC – and a few ‘leaders’ can take control and damage our nation.

The Republican Party convenes its 39th nominating convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul with 2,380 delegates. They dress the same, vote together, and bully, clinging to dominance, never to us.