Paranoids are everywhere!

Run! The paranoids are coming!

Who doesn’t suffer from paranoia?
Can you honestly say that alone on a dimly lit street you’ve never wondered if those footsteps behind are the sound of someone following you?

Increasingly, psychologists are recognising that many of the thoughts and experiences, such as paranoia, that we associate with schizophrenia are widespread among the general population.

O’ eon, echo this.
Too many little things larger than worry:

Whether this, whether that, I’m certain that more than a century of continuous war, save years here or there, has society more fearful than strong, more wary than able, more wicked than ready, more loud than thoughtful.

Not one recent voice. Not one.

Oh, I’m glad for good,
proud of army,
quick to wisdom,
fast from fraud.

Love is first,
beauty worthy,
truth alluring,
facts essential,
hope eternal.

Argument reigns tattoo

Either error Writing wrong Neither ever

Fearful judging, lesser winning,


fingering kingery

& gawds

overlooking infinity

“From my fourth-floor room overlooking infinity, in the viable intimacy of the falling evening, at the window before the emerging stars, my dreams – in rhythmic accord with the visible distance – are of journeys to unknown, imagined or simply impossible countries.”