Pain Mismanagement

Pain is the “all-time number one cause for people to seek medical attention”, but don’t listen to your doctor.

Doctors know very little about pain
. Medical schools offer only one hour of training in how to understand and treat pain.

“Considering the available research and medical technology we have today, it’s a travesty that in 2008 so many pain sufferers are untreated or under-treated because of lack of awareness, education and misconceptions about pain and pain treatment.”

Bank on this:

Pain costs an estimated $100 billion a year in medical care and lost work.

The failure to treat pain adequately is the combined fault of doctors, patients, the legal system and the health care system as a whole.

Pain rewires our nervous system, quickly, and is both a disease and a primary cause of disease.

Less than two percent of patients using medication for pain become addicted. Addiction is a different process.

“The collision between the war on drugs and the war on pain has created a perfect storm of controversy.”

Bailout needed?
Ignorance and superstition about pain is costing our nation a great deal.