Overwhelming FAIL

Joined Apart
How many brilliant never get opportunity?

Thom. Jefferson said the free is the place we find tomorrow.

There’s no other task.

“Talent is being able to build things that others can’t build. Genius is being able to build things that others can’t see.”

Just ask the wild-eyed visionaries!

They can and do exist, and it’s time we enfranchised them, gave them voice.

Whether it was Ford or the Wright Brothers or Edison, inventions and innovations often came as a result of considerable collaboration and teamwork. Of course they were wild eyed, but there was a lot of collaboration, a lot of iterating, a lot of persistence, a lot of perseverance.

Solo invention is very very rare and often misrepresented; collaborators have been left out of the credits; history has painted a false picture about the sheer process of invention and innovation.