Our times they are a’changin’

Sometimes it’s good just to spill the beans.

We are now in one of the most significant periods of cultural and technological change in history, probably greater in scope than those associated with Newton and Einstein.

Developments in quantum mechanics are leading to quantum computers that gain their prodigious power through harnessing their siblings throughout the multiverse.

Biotech and genetic engineering are bringing about new species and perhaps the alteration of homo sapiens.

Materials engineering and nanotechnology are altering the object we use and how they are made.

Communications technologies promise that eventually everything can be connected to everything.

Cosmologists place us in ever expanding infinities of multiple universes.

And individuals will have unprecedented opportunities for education, knowledge and achievement and the prospect of cognitive powers we cannot yet imagine.

From Future Feeder’s longer post discussing Computational Architecture

The ribbed vault was not just a structural technique, but also a means of putting the human soul in touch with God. Perspective was not just a means of organizing pictorial space, but also a means of asserting the human observer. Industrial materials were not just economical, but also a means of finding the human place in a democratic world.