our silly nation

Not to worry.

It’s an attempt to conduct a strategic intervention into the market economy so that it can rebalance itself.

Merely our traditional ethical traits, people with their interests at heart, the standard spiel, the dreck while the situation snowballs.

Why? Because we’re Sutured To Chaos !

This becomes more apparent on the simpler level of a pile of sand. As grains are added to a pile of sand the pile will grow bigger, until predictably, it collapses under its own weight and instability.

Not so predictable, however, is precisely when the pile will collapse. Predicting this turns out to be almost impossible. This self-organized criticality – in which there is a fluctuation between stable and instable states – is also found in wildfires, earthquakes and avalanches.

It turns out that ‘sand avalanches’ have an analogue in the brain’s ‘neural avalanches’ (that is, in the way that neurons communicate with each other). Even further, it is precisely at this critical border of disorder and chaos that the brain functions.

That is to say, the brain is always on the edge of chaos.