our phony moral prestige

We have not resolved wealth and virtue:

Ayn Rand’s arguments are against pure communism, which has been demonstrated by her fictional world. A good writer, but a bizarre philosophy that she could not see an oligarchy or aristocracy being birthed of unregulated, malicious side of capitalism, as are all inherent evils in every aspect of society. The concept is as utopian as Marxism.

Brookings Institution and Pew Charitable Trusts reported, the United States ranks near the bottom of advanced countries in its economic mobility.

It expresses its opposition to redistribution not in practical terms–that taking from the rich harms the economy–but in moral absolutes, that taking from the rich is wrong. It likewise glorifies selfishness as a virtue. It denies any basis, other than raw force, for using government to reduce economic inequality. It holds people completely responsible for their own success or failure, and thus concludes that when government helps the disadvantaged, it consequently punishes virtue and rewards sloth. And it indulges the hopeful prospect that the rich will revolt against their ill treatment by going on strike, simultaneously punishing the inferiors who have exploited them while teaching them the folly of their ways.