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Ladies and gentlemen: the wonderful, and let’s not forget weird, World of Fungi.

At any moment, Justin Bieber uses 3% of Twitter’s servers.

The Network for the Post-Bureaucratic Age is shifting control from bureaucracy to democracy. Based in UK, a strong agenda to loosen government’s grip on data.

“We shall soon see who is more powerful in this country, the elected government or the civil service.”

Alice Miller, a psychoanalyst who repositioned the family as a locus of dysfunction with her theory that parental power and punishment lay at the root of nearly all human problems. Her first book The Drama of the Gifted Child sold millions. She believed that the pain inflicted on children – for their own good – was unconsciously re-enacting trauma that had been inflicted on the parent when they were children.

The cycle of trauma continues down the generations. We do not need to be told whether to be strict or permissive with our children. What we do need is to have respect for their needs, their feelings, and their individuality, as well as for our own.

How do you define the term ‘cruelty’ with respect to children?
I use it to refer to situations where children are not shown the appropriate respect, where they are humiliated, confused, betrayed, and sexually abused. While hardly anyone disagrees with me on these points, I frequently fail to convince people that beating children is in fact a severe case of cruelty.

…someday we will regard our children not as creatures to manipulate or to change but rather as messengers from a world we have long since forgotten, who can reveal to us more about the true secrets of life, and also our own lives, than our parents were ever able to.


“Religion is what the common people see as true, the wise people see as false, and the rulers see as useful.” —Seneca

Archeology Magazine offers a concise, comfortable essay on the history of Man’s Best Friend. Things you did not know about God, er, Dog.

Quite a different interview of Bill Gates at MIT’s Technology Review. Personal. Thorough. Strong. Not offered by mainstream rags. I don’t know what t0 call tabloids and rags and demographics mongering if major media stops printing, but it’s words equally condemning.

Tracking Macondo’s undersea plume, yes that oil in the Gulf of Mexico, is like the summer clouds above the ship, constantly moving, expanding, and contracting. On the oil trail, the ship’s Conductivity Temperature Depth device relays real-time data measuring fluorescence, beam attenuation, and oxygen levels.

The reason we have God is that we didn’t invent police. People just don’t like to take the law into their own hands.

“Everywhere you look around the world, you find examples of people altering their behavior because of concerns for supernatural consequences of their actions. They don’t do things that they consider bad because they think they’ll be punished for it.”

Paul Raeburn at Knight Science Tracker:

I find myself at something of a loss to track the work of John Fauber of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I’ve praised him before for stories on physicians’ conflicts of interest, and I’m reduced now to doing more-or-less what I did then: Let Fauber’s stories speak for themselves.

This is first-rate stuff. Read it, learn from it, and see if you can’t attempt something like it yourself. We and our readers and listeners would all be better off if more of us did this sort of thing. It isn’t easy, but it’s gratifying.

The stories, in my view, are textbook cases of investigative reporting–and writing. I can’t think of any higher or more sophisticated thing to say than that these stories are done exactly the way that such stories should be done–and Fauber’s doing them better than almost anybody else.