Our focus is where?

A Forum for Alternative Energy Knowledge:

In the United States, we have been trying to build a viable industry out of renewable energies for at least three decades. In that time, we saw it grow in an explosion of interest in the late 70’s and early 80’s, only to die a silent death in the 90’s and first half of this decade. Last year, renewables were once again all the rage; this time with the assumption that they were here to stay. Now, only a few brief months later, when crude prices once again dropped into a temporary depression, the fervor has died.

Why is that?

Are we that fickle? Shortsighted? Irresponsible?

I founded the Energy Management Group in 1978 under an agreement with an association of more than 8000 grocery stores and another agreement to assist 11000 churches to reduce energy cost and impact. There was much enthusiasm until interest rates climbed to double digits, supply side economics became the fashion, and the Wall Street binge roped America. Perhaps throwing our prosperity away is a reply to a complex world with few solutions. Argument rather than vision has dominated public forum and left many treasuries vulnerable to inconsequence and guile. Will crisis and joblessness spark good sense?