our essential national purpose

Where does our humanity begin?

The USA is in 25th place among best countries to be a mom.

What will a teacher say?

“Though they can be as opinionated as the adults that surround them, most children are more willing to open up to new ideas, to be fascinated by conflicting information, to make an attempt to learn a new skill or be beguiled by a new concept. They are quick to dispense hugs and they love to share.”

Stephen Talbot points out:

“There is one high promontory within the sprawling panorama of life on earth that does indeed afford a perspective upon the whole…

“…where the living creature not only acts out its own significant existence, but is capable of contemplating this existence along with that of all other living things.

“…where life’s own power of survey blossoms and reaches its fullest fruition: the understanding consciousness of man.”

Show me wild new ways

2 Replies to “our essential national purpose”

  1. HA! You deserve it.
    So often your words capture meaning and understanding. And that bit about children is outright wise.

  2. Brian! I never thought to see myself quoted here, and in the company of Stephen Talbot’s inspiring words – thank you!

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