our act of debacle

It ain’t just email. I came to learn, to grow, and found the whole world forwarding crap. HA!  I’m stunned that’s true, proud to know it, but utterly squandered while we lie.

There’s enough witless rage to light a match under the fat lady. And there’s a new job for me to find wiser folks no longer quiet. John Mauldin I do not trust but that’s because I’ve lost the trust put in my birthing.

He’s no Paul Revere. He should have told our risks before he runs up the road with ‘the redcoats are here’. So many profit near pirates. But I think there are more John Mauldin-s appearing, sick of politely shutting up. Economics blogs copy his newsletters.

He argues against our mistakes, much better than business sheets throwing up a few facts, yet he generally hides names, perhaps until he’s paid, or his children are grown, but you knew that. http://www.frontlinethoughts.com/gateway.asp